Crebit roadmap for 2018
May 2018
Crebit ICO launch

Crebit initial coin offering is launched to build the ERC20-token economy.

Jun 2018
Listing to exchanges

Crebit initial coin offering is closed and token economy is built. All remaining tokens will be burned.
Crebit will be listed to exchanges (announced later), currency symbol will be CBT.
The estimated listing day is between Feb 20 - 28.

Aug 2018
Credit cards issued credit cards will be issued to everyone holding at least 1000 tokens.
Cards will be shipped to their respective owners.

Sep 2018
Crebit smart contracts

Crebit introduces it's own smart contract system, which makes possible various actions,
like lending Crebits to other users and using automatic Crebit payment API in websites.

Sep 2018
Crebit lending platform

Crebit lending platform is introduced, which is built on top of the Crebit smart contract protocol.
Any user can lend crebit to another user with adjustable interest rates.

About Crebit

Combining the best of both worlds

Crebit differs significantly from the existing prepaid-cards, which can be loaded with cryptocurrencies.
Crebit is like a paper wallet, but it's secured with your PIN-code, and you can use it in any store that accepts credit cards.

Because we think you should have total control over your money.

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Meet the Crebit team
Team Member

Yan W. Wong CEO, Founder
Serial entrepreneur
Early investor of Baidu
Exits to Yahoo, Adobe, Intercontinental Exchange
Team Member

KC Huong Software Engineer
Former APAC Leader, IBM Asia Pacific
Guest Lecturer at Singapore Management University
Extensive experience of working with more than 20 startups in Asia
Team Member

David Chua Blockchain Developer Full stack developer
8 Years of Technical experience
Early developer of Ethereum

Team Member

Lucas Hoong Marketing Agent 9 Years of Marketing experience
Singapore University

21 000 000
Total Crebits (CBT)
Days to token distribution
10 405 149
Crebits sold (CBT)


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ICO Stages

Token sale now live
Stage 1

$ 0.06

  • 40% lower price
  • Limited to 2 100 000 tokens ( 10%)
Stage 2

$ 0.08

  • 20% lower price
  • Limited to 4 200 000 tokens ( 20%)
Stage 3 LIVE

$ 0.09

  • 10% lower price
  • Limited to 14 700 000 tokens ( 70%)

Using cryptocurrencies in our everyday-life is becoming more and more popular as we speak.

Yan W. Wong
CEO Founder

Blockchain technologies are already being adopted by banking industry, and we will become a significant player in that field.

Lucas Hoong
Marketing Agent

We are literally breaking into a bank-controlled industry and turn it to a C2C (customer-to-customer) type of business.

David Chua
Blockchain Developer